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Business Development

Our team of professionals has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective services and business solutions for our clients. We strategically pursue and win opportunities, while maintaining strong profit margins throughout the performance period of the contract. While most Business Development firms simply assist in high level support, our team is well versed in supporting our clients from building their performance objectives, finding the opportunities, writing the proposals, to assisting in the management of their contract.

We represent our client to targeted agencies and strategically market shape opportunities prior to the RFP release, thus making them the best possible prospect for winning the business. While most of our matters can be staffed in-house by our team of dedicated professionals and experienced independent contractors, we also maintain a number of close relationships with larger firms, so that we can expand our engagement teams as necessary and practicable to fulfill client needs. BrHen-Tech has direct access to multiple federal databases in conjunction with inner working relationships we use to gather accurate information for our clients. We consistently monitor our contracting databases and maintain healthy relationships with both federal and local government personnel, to stay cognizant of upcoming opportunities that fit our clients capabilities.